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  • July 30, 2017
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M&N 2017 Special Section of IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement

The M&N 2017 Special Section of IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement is intended to promote the best results presented at M&N 2017.

The M&N 2017 Special Section will contain certain papers selected on the basis of the results of regular peer review of the manuscripts submitted for consideration by the participants of M&N 2017. Each manuscript shall be within the SCOPE of the IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement (see Scope of Transactions here) and based on a paper published in the M&N 2017 Proceedings and presented at M&N 2017. Moreover, the manuscript MUST be significantly extended beyond the scope of the proceedings paper (in terms of the overall TECHNICAL content and research results).

Special Section manuscript may ONLY be uploaded in the period of November 5 to November 25, 2017. Please DO NOT try to submit your papers earlier, since the M&N Special Section folder in Allentrack will not be available. NO LATE MANUSCRIPTS WILL BE ACCEPTED.


Every year, a portion of submitted papers to the M&N special section in TIM are rejected immediately, without going to review, because they do not frame their writing in the context of Instrumentation and Measurement (I&M). To avoid this happening to your paper, please carefully read the scope of TIM on its website. Your paper must clearly highlight how your work contributes to the measurement, tracking, detection, or motioning methods or instruments, and how it compares (analytically or experimentally) against exiting methods or instruments published in core I&M journals. Although the following paper is in Communications and not Networking, it can nevertheless give some ideas to M&N authors about what TIM expects:

L. Angrisani, D. Petri and M. Yeary, "Instrumentation and Measurement in Communication Systems", IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement Magazine, Vol. 18, No.2, 2015, pp. 4-10. 
DOI: 10.1109/MIM.2015.7066676

Preparation for Manuscript Submission

The manuscript, together with the accompanying documents “viz. the manuscript submission cover letter, the IEEE copyright transfer form, and the overlength page charge form” must be submitted electronically using the web-based submission system. Prior to submission of the manuscript, its author, especially if he/she has not yet used that system, should register and obtain a password that will enable him/her to enter the system and read Authors Instructions and Manuscript Upload Instructions. Both instructions contain information of vital importance for the problem-free submission. In particular, Authors Instructions provide the guidelines for the preparation of the manuscript. The following additional requirements must also be satisfied when submitting the manuscript:

1. The manuscript must be TECHNICALLY extended beyond the scope of the proceedings paper, as mentioned above.
2. At the time of submission, the authors must provide a separate file with detailed information regarding how the manuscript is a technically-extended version of the proceedings paper, as per the instructions below.
3. The proceedings paper MUST be clearly referred to in the text and listed as one of the references in the special-section manuscript.
4. A PDF copy of the final proceedings paper must also be submitted, as per the instructions below.

When uploading your manuscript click on “Special Section Manuscript” in the “Manuscript Upload Instructions” page of the Allentrack System. Then, in page #1 of “Submit Manuscript” you must choose the proper Special Section (i.e., M&N 2017 Special Section). Subsequently, in the same page and in the “Files to Upload” section you MUST upload two additional files; one with containing a detailed explanation of how the paper is TECHNICALLY extended beyond the scope of the proceedings paper and another which is a PDF copy of the M&N 2017 Proceedings paper. To this end, you must put the number “2” in the small box in front of “Extension Beyond Proceedings & Copy of Proceedings (if any was published)” so that the system allows you to upload these two files. Consequently, these two files will be available to the reviewers. Please, do not include the explanation of how the paper is technically extended beyond the scope of the proceedings paper in the cover letter, because this letter is not visible to the reviewers.

Failure to correctly submit a detailed explanation of the TECHNICAL extension and a PDF copy of the M&N Proceedings paper will result in the immediate return of the manuscript to the author(s) as an unacceptable submission.

Notice: The M&N 2017 paper identifier should be put in the upper right-hand corner of every document to be submitted.

Further information and help:
Mrs. Cam Ingelin
Editorial Assistant
E-mail: [email protected]