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The city of Naples never fails to enchant inquisitive guests and travelers. Situated in the heart of Europe and the Mediterranean, Naples is home to countless artistic treasures that any visitor to the city should endeavour to see. These treasures include the historic city centre listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site; the palaces, churches, catacombs and underground tunnels and the city’s Archaeological Museum; the seats of power from medieval and Renaissance times clustered around Castel Nuovo and the Royal Palace; and the glorious seafront sweeping from Castel dell’Ovo up to Posillipo.

The hilly area of the Vomero is home to museum collections that are amongst the finest in the world and which are displayed in the immaculately restored and renovated seats of the Royal Palace of Capodimonte and the Charterhouse of San Martino.

A walk through the 20th-century city brings the visitor to the Rationalist architecture of the Mostra d’Oltremare, the city’s vast exhibition complex, and to the nearby Città della Scienza science museum, a testament to the redevelopment of industrial archaeology sites and the originality of a scientific tradition that continues.

Exploring the city’s settings for contemporary art, such as the Naples Palace of Arts, the Donnaregina Museum of Contemporary Art and the stazioni d’arte (a unique example of art exhibitions and installations in some of the city’s metro stations), we can tangibly see the creativity of a cultural panorama that is in a state of continual ferment.